Rampart Regiment Marching Band

IT IS GREAT TO BE BACK! This years Regiment made a huge splash by setting records that Rampart hasn’t seen in over a decade! 1st Place at Colorado West, 5th Place at State with a score of 81.65.
Best of all, we had a blast and we’re so blessed to have been part of this wild ride. Thanks to everyone!

What is marching season like?

Mini Band Camp
Rampart Regiment marching band season officially begins with a mini band
camp. This happens at the end of the school year in late May/Early June. During mini band camp, all member of the Rampart Regiment will meet from 8am to 5pm in a fun, how-to and hands on approach to learning about the marching band experience. All students should plan to attend. New members will meet their section leaders, have instruments distributed, receive the show music, and play together for the first time!

“Mini Band camp is the ideal way to start the marching band season so you can get to know people and what to expect. It does a great job of encompassing all the fun you are going to have.”

Summer Sectionals
During the month of June and July weekly sections will be scheduled. Our philosophy is that if you’re in town, you need to be at these sectionals. However, if you are on vacation or otherwise out of town – enjoy your summer vacation.

Mandatory Marching Band Camp
Our mandatory marching band camp typically happens the 3 weeks prior to the start of school and last for 2 weeks. These all day rehearsals will be used to continue honing fundamental skills, rehearsing show music, learning drill, and beginning the process of adding details to the show on the field. 

Regular Season Rehearsals
Students should plan to be at rehearsal, ready to go by 3pm with all required materials and ready to begin warm up. The time after rehearsal form 6-6:15pm is reserved for announcements, equipment tear-down, and brief meeting with staff/section leaders/coaches. Pick up time for students will be approximately 6:15pm.

Football Games
The Rampart Regiment performs in the stand and on the field during each of the Rampart High School varsity home football games. Home football games are schedule at the D-20 Football Stadium adjacent to Liberty High School. Most are conducted on Friday evenings, with occasional games on Thursday or Saturday. We play pep music in the stands during the first and second quarter. We will perform our show during half time, have third quarter off to enjoy snacks (provided by the Booster Band). Then we return to the stands to preform pep band in the fourth quarter. 

Marching Band competitions are all-day events. Most of our competitions are a two performance prelims-finals format. 

“I love being a part of the Rampart Regiment, it has given me great friends and confidence in myself. It is a great way to gain a good work ethic and work hard to produce show that we are proud of!”

Here is the information that you need now for the 2021 Rampart Regiment Marching Band Season.

  1. Read the 2022 Marching Band Handbook and fill out the commitment form on page 12 and return by May 6th. 
  2. Review the Rampart Regiment 2022 Calendar

“Since we didn’t have a competitive season last year, coming back and marching this year has been amazing. It felt like coming home and being a family again!”