Rampart Band Boosters

The Rampart Band Booster members are proud to provide support for the Rampart High School Instrumental Music Program and auxiliary units in the form of volunteering, fundraising, and maintaining records. We work in cooperation with the members of the school district, public and private entities to support and encourage the development of progressive music education programs. We supplement District 20 financial support, accept/disburse funds, and otherwise assist the entire band membership through communication with the Band Director(s) and/or the RHS Staff Liaisons. We provide support the Band Director(s) and staff to ensure that they have the maximum amount of time to spend with the students.

The Rampart Band Boosters (RBB) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to provide the best possible musical and educational experience for any student involved in a music or marching band program at Rampart High School (RHS). Our membership is comprised of band members, alumni, parents/guardians, siblings (6th grade and older), and grandparents of band members currently enrolled in the Band and/or auxiliary units, as well as the RHS Staff Liaison(s), the RHS Band Director(s) and staff.

“When your student signs up for band, do yourself a favor: join the Boosters! It is the most rewarding experience to share in your student’s passion with other amazing parents whose sole focus is to encourage our children to have fun, grow and succeed. It’s hard work but it’s fun work! This is a decision you’re never regret!”