The Rampart Band Boosters Proudly Support the Rampart Instrumental Music Program

This website is the official website of the Rampart Band Boosters and is in support of the Rampart Instrumental Music Programs. The Rampart Band Boosters is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to provide the best possible musical and educational experience for any student involved in an instrumental band program at Rampart High School (RHS).

For official Rampart High School Instrumental Music information, please visit Rampart High School website.

We support the Rampart Instrumental Music program, which is the encompassing body for all curricular, co-curricular, and extracurricular instrumental music programs at Rampart High School. The program offers a well-rounded approach to music education that is student focused and involves the input of students, teachers, and parent.

The Rampart Instrumental Music program is comprised of some of the finest young people on in our community and is built on a standing Tradition of Excellence, where the students develop a tremendous work ethic. The Tradition of Excellence is carried on through the students, Directors, and staff, with each new school year. While the Rampart Instrumental Music program holds strong traditions, it also continues to move in new directions in music-making and performance.

The past is reflected upon with respect, and we reach for the future with higher goals and renewed determination.
– Keith Acuncius, RHS Band Director

The Rampart Instrumental Music Program Curricular (Class) Offerings

o Concert Bands and Ensembles:
• Symphonic Band
• Wind Ensemble
• Jazz Ensemble
• Advanced Jazz Ensemble
• Orchestra

o Marching Band:
• The Rampart Regiment Marching Band
• Fall Color Guard

o Music Theory
o Music Appreciation
o Guitar Class

The Rampart Instrumental Music Program Co-curricular and Extracurricular Offerings

o Winter Guard
o Winter Percussion
o Pep Band
o Pit Orchestra (Spring Musical)
o Chamber Music Ensembles

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