Rampart Instrumental Program

Welcome to the home of the Rampart Instrumental Program (RIM). This is on of the finest groups of your people on our high school campus. The RIM program has built a standing tradition of excellence. Our student develop a tremendous work ethic carrying on that tradition with each new school year. The RIM program continues to move in new directions in music-making. We look back on the past with respect, and we reach for the future with even higher goals and renewed determination.

As it should be, our student’s greatest musical growth and experiences come from the core of the RIM program; the concert performance ensembles. Each class requires a year-long commitment of great music-making.

We believe in teaching our student to play well, to develop listening skills and ensemble sensitivity, and to express themselves confidently in music. But most importantly, we teach our students to be respectful and hard-working members of a “team” persevering together towards goals that we cannot reach alone.

This site provides information on concert bands, ensembles, the Rampart Regiment (Rampart High Schools Marching Band), Fundraising, volunteering, and our booster band opportunities.